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Activate Flightboard Or Timeline App
Activate Flightboard Or Timeline App
Perfect overview of your meeting rooms and quick information for everyone. How to add navigation stickers.
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If you are not using Flightboard or Timeline App, a building does not need a license. If you are, each building will need one license.

To activate Flightboard or Timeline App:

  1. Click on Buildings on the left.

  2. Click to select a building.

  3. Click on Assign License (or Unassign, to remove).

  4. Choose Flightboard/Flightboard Dark Mode or Timeline/Timeline Dark Mode signage mode.

To configure Wayfinder and navigation stickers:

  1. Wayfinder can only be used after Flightboard is activated.

  2. To edit Wayfinder, click on Edit.

  3. Select a Pointer and choose a sticker.

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