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Getting started with MeetingRoomApp
Getting started with MeetingRoomApp
Things to do after you register
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We are excited you want to experience our advanced booking solution. For a better experience we have a cloud administration where you need to first log in. It is easy, you can register with us or you can also use your Microsoft or Google account. We keep things convenient.

This article will guide you step by step through setting up your MeetingRoomApp. In the demo mode you can use up to three devices for 10 days.

Few things before we start. We support devices with iPadOS/Android/Signage with web browser. We do recommend to use devices with at least 7" display.

5 easy steps:

  1. Connect a Calendar Provider - calendar as a base for the booking resources (rooms)

  2. Create a Building - basic settings of the bulk of the resources

  3. Sync/Create Resources - list of resources

  4. Add a device (and/or Create web app) - the app or a device using MeetingRoomApp

  5. Create a Theme - personalise the look of device/app

  6. Book the meetings - use your Google or Outlook calendar or book directly from the device

Below you will find detailed explanation of separate steps. More information can be always found under the additional links in the article.

Connect a Calendar Provider (Microsoft 365/Google Workspace/Exchange)

Depending on your Calendar provider, you can choose between: Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and Microsoft Exchange.

We strongly recommend to use Service Account with full access permission and the room resources however you can connect any account even your personal.

In the Cloud administration you select on the left menu Calendar providers (1) and choose from the header the service you want to connect (2). When you open the option, you can find additional explanation with documentation, click on Continue with... (3).

When you select the service and log in, the calendar provider will be added. You can also at this stage determine what domains you allow as organizers and if you allow internal/external invitations for attendees from domains (for any domains please use asterisk (*)).

Make sure you Save (4).

Create a Building

Building serves as a group where you can set your device time zone, language, working time and application behaviour. To set up a building, go to the Buildings in the menu (1). A new tab will open up, select the + Add Building (2).

Under the Edit building, you can define the location, energy savings behaviour as well as notifications. However only Location name is required (3). You can change the settings any time later.

Additionally you can assign a license (4) to a building if you want to use a Flightboard or Timeline app.

Last step is to Save (5).

Sync and/or Create Resources

To manage resources you can either synchronise the calendar or you can add them manually. Or use both.

Sync resources

Select the Spaces & Resources (1) from the side bar. In the new window click on the button Sync Resources (2), a pop-up window will appear. You can select (3) from already added calendars or you can also + Add Calendar Provider if needed.

When you select the calendar (4), click on Sync (5).

It can take few moments to load all the resources. When finished, the list will be updated with available resources.

Please note that for Microsoft providers you need to have synchronised rooms list to be loaded. More information can be found in our help center for Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange separately.

Manually adding resource

Select the Spaces & Resources (1) from the side bar. In the new window click on the button + Add New (2), a new layout will appear.

Fill in the fields that are required (3) and when filled in, Save (4). You can change the parameters anytime.

Either option will give you a list of resources. To make sure that the permissions are correct, please click on the button Validate Permissions (1). The red dots in the column Read/Write/Edit/Delete will turn green (2) based on the allowed permissions.

Add a device (Create web app)

We have a calendar with the resources and building to manage the rooms in a bulk. Final step is to add devices. To do so, please select from the left pane Devices (1). In the header are two buttons (2):

  • Create web app - the web app is accessible from any web browser

  • Add device - physical device that needs to be synchronised

Create web app

When selected + Create Web App (2), a new page for Edit device will appear. Required fields are Select Space, Building and Display Name.

The device set up gives a lot of options on how the device should behave, feel free to set it up to best fit your needs. When finished don't forget to Save (4).

When you have a physical device you want to connect, first install the MeetingRoomApp. You can use various app stores, for your convenience we list the stores in the dashboard of your account. Simply choose and go directly to dedicated store.

From the downloaded and opened MeetingRoomApp you can create a new user or use existing account. Since we already passed the registration, we will choose Existing user. A device token will appear. The token pairs with the cloud administration.

Now under the Devices in the account administration select Add device (2). A window will appear where you need to insert a token from the device (3) and Save (4). You then continue setting up the device like in the previous case of web app.

In the Device list you can check the device and if they have license assigned.

By default all the added devices have a licenses however you can have multiple devices not having assigned a license. When you are in the Edit device, you can Unassign license (5) and Save (6). It will be reflected under the Devices in the last column (7). You can assign back the license the same way as you unassigned.

Create a Theme

This extra step is not necessary however this gives your meeting rooms extra touch. Personalise your MeetingRoomApp layout with Theme. We offer you two default settings but nothing beats the personalised screen. You can change the layout of the device screen or web app, simply go on the left panel to Themes (1) and on the top click on the + Add (2). In a pop-up window write a name of a theme (3) and Save (4).

You can now choose (5) the appearance, background colour with opacity, text style and how does the active item look. You can also add a logo or a background image. Make sure you Save (6) the options you selected.

Start booking

When all is set you will see the room bookings on the device. You and your colleagues continue as usual booking from your Google or Outlook calendar. Aditionally you can book the room directly from the device (if this option is enabled). For more information please check the article Schedule a Meeting.


Now you are all set up and ready to use the MeetingRoomApp. We believe you will find MeetingRoomApp as the perfect match for your business.

For your convenience we have a help center with all the documentation and much more. There is also a chat bot where you can search for help or simply quickly reaching our support. We also love to hear how did you enjoy our MeetingRoomApp.

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