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Getting Started with Google Workspace (Modern Authentication)

Connect Google Workspace with MeetingRoomApp via Modern authentication (the fastest way of integration)

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Integrate your Google Workspace with MeetingRoomApp in few steps. For better overview we link additional documentation with each step.

We recommend that you schedule meetings in room resource calendars. Room resource calendars offer multiple benefits:

  • Scheduling conflict management

  • User-friendly room booking interface

  • Assigning users as resource delegates

Integration steps:

  1. Create Room Resources in Google Workspace.

  2. Subscribe to your room resources with your Service Account in Google Calendar App which needs to be integrated with MeetingRoomApp.

  3. Update the user permissions MAKE CHANGES TO EVENTS with your Google Workspace Admin account for your Service Account and its subscribed room resource calendars. The Service Account needs to have full access for managing the room resource calendars.

  4. Connect Service Account with MeetingRoomApp.

  5. Add your room resources using the Sync resources feature.

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