Basic Function of the App

Color signals, ad hoc reservations

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Ad Hoc reservations & Color signals

Book a meeting directly on the touch screen panel at the meeting room door. Fast and easy booking.

You can tell whether a meeting room is available or not by colour light signals on the screen:

  1. Free

  2. Confirm

    This function confirms your attendance at the meeting.

    Participants who booked the meeting remotely have to confirm their attendance on the display of the meeting room device by pressing the Confirm button. If attendance is not confirmed within 15 minutes before the start of within 15 minutes after the meeting starts, the meeting is automatically cancelled and the meeting room immediately becomes available for reservations.

    This function aims to minimise ineffective use of company space due to scheduled but missed meetings.

  3. Notification

    Unconfirmed meetings get rejected or cancelled. If the meeting is not confirmed on the panel at the meeting room door, the meeting organiser will be sent

    an email notification about the cancellation.

  4. Booked

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