Set up Philips Tablet (Install Wizard)
How to set up a tablet, install MeetingRoomApp
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To set up a tablet:

  1. First run Wizard

    Turn on the device, select English from the language menu and press the Start button.

  2. Security setting

    We recommend deactivating the FTP, ADB Over Network and NSMP items (see the screen below). Continue to tap on Next.

    SICP Network Port enabled is necessary for proper RGB LED diodes functionality.

  3. Signage display settings

    You do not need to select any items on this screen and you can skip it using the Skip button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  4. Network settings
    Select your preferred connection, Wi-Fi or Ethernet, and tap the Next button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

    If you connect to Wi-Fi, log in to your company secured Wi-Fi network.

    If you connect via Ethernet, select e. g. DHCP as your Internet connection type on the next screen and tap the Next button.

  5. Clone media files into internal
    Do not select any items on this screen, either, and skip it using the Skip button.

    Your device setup has now been completed. Close the wizard tapping the Finish button.

    You can skip installation of the CMND & Deploy App using the back arrow button in the bottom of the screen.

To install MeetingRoomApp:

  1. Copy your MeetingRoomApp .apk files to a USB memory stick or a Micro SD card.

  2. Make sure the touchscreen is on and insert the data storage medium (find the ports at the bottom of the device).

  3. Press and hold the round button with a square icon ■ at the back of the device

    and simultaneously press the volume down button located below the round button twice.

    If done correctly, a screen prompting you to enter a password will appear.

  4. Enter 1234 as your password (default option) and tap Ok.

  5. You can now see the main menu. Go on to tap the Storage icon.

  6. Find and open the inserted USB memory stick / Micro SD card folder.

  7. Once you are in the USB memory stick / Micro SD card folder,

    tap the app-philips-release.apk installation file (with the MeetingRoomApp icon).

  8. To launch files, tap the appropriate item and then select Open from the context menu.

  9. An installation dialog box will appear. Tap Install in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  10. Once the installation has been completed, tap Open in the bottom right corner of the dialog to open your MeetingRoomApp.

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