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Kiosk Mode for iPad – Single App Mode
Kiosk Mode for iPad – Single App Mode

How to use Single App Mode with Apple iPad (MDM Kiosk Mode)

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Guided Access vs Single App Mode (Kiosk Modes)

If the regular Guided Access Mode does not suit your needs, you can make use of the more sophisticated Single App Mode, which allows you to manage your devices and offers more options as well as Blueprints, templates that can be applied to one or more devices.

You can benefit from Single App Mode in a number of ways: more options to protect your device controls, e.g. disabling Home Button, Volume Buttons or disabling Screen Rotation.

If you are going to use multiple devices, we recommend that you create a template – Blueprint – that will apply to individual devices.

To set up Single App Mode:

Caution! This step will erase your device data

  1. Download and install Apple Configurator 2 from the App Store.

  2. Open Apple Configurator 2 on your Mac and connect your iPad to Mac using a USB connector.

  3. Disable Find My iPhone / iPad in Settings > iCloud.

  4. Right click on the device in Apple Configurator 2.

  5. Select Prepare.

  6. Follow the guide and when prompted, sign in to the enrollment program or use your iCloud account.

  7. Your device data will now be erased!

  8. Set up your iPad (go through all the standard setup).

  9. Check if the device appears in the Supervised device.

  10. If it does, the procedure has been successful.

  11. Disable the display lock in iPad Settings > Display.

  12. First, left click to select the device then right click on the device and choose "Advanced > Start Single App Mode...".

  13. Select the app and click on options.

  14. Select the required options (touch + motion).

  15. Launch Single App Mode by clicking on Select App.

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