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Creating Rooms (Integration with Microsoft 365)
Creating Rooms (Integration with Microsoft 365)

How to create room resources in Microsoft 365

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This article will help you create a new room resource in Microsoft 365.

Log in to your admin account and go to Exchange admin center

  1. Click on Recipients.

  2. Click on Resources.

  3. Click on Add a room resource.

  4. Fill the name of your resource.

  5. Create email address for your Resource โš  Remember email can not be changed later on.

  6. Click on Next.

  7. OPTIONAL fill resource properties.

  8. Click Next.

  9. OPTIONAL edit Booking Options.

  10. Click Next.

  11. Click Create.

  12. You have to grant full access to your service account for your new room resource. Otherwise you won't be able to use your new resource in MeetingRoomApp.

  13. You should include your room resource in to the Room List (Room Lists Distribution Group). This allows you to sync all your resources into MeetingRoomApp at once otherwise you need to add room resource manually in the Spaces and Resources. It also ensures correct behavior across different Outlook or Outlook Web Access versions.

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