Scheduling Rooms in Google Calendar
Bookings from Google Calendar
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Google Calendar App

  1. Log in to your account at

  2. Open the Google Calendar app.

Scheduling a Meeting (an Event)

To create a new event in Google Calendar, tap the + round button or double tap an open time slot in the agenda.

  1. Tapping the + round button in the bottom right corner of the browser.

  2. Double tapping an open time slot in the agenda.

Booking a Meeting Room

In event details, enter the title of the event (first field – Add title) and select the date and time of your meeting in the field below.

  1. Add title field.

  2. Meeting date and time - start and end.

  3. Select a meeting room (the Rooms tab on the right).

  4. Tap the Rooms tab, make sure the filter to see only available rooms is active (the Available rooms only item).

  5. Rooms which are not booked at the time of your meeting will be displayed.

  6. Select any suitable room.

  7. Tap the Save button at the top.

  8. Saving your event will confirm the booking.

  9. After you save your event, check it has been accepted.

  10. Tap the event item you created and check that the title of the meeting room is not crossed.

  11. The title of the meeting room is not crossed - booking has been successful.

  12. If your booking is declined (e.g. because a colleague has just booked the room), edit your event and select another available room.

  13. The title of the meeting room is crossed - booking has not been successful.

  14. If the meeting room is not booked, an automated message will be sent to the event Organiser’s email address to notify them about the declined invitation.

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